Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Inspired by Ideas, Powered by Creativity

One fine saturday on Nov 2009, I told Cini .... Let's bake a new cake .... and it all began from that one little step for us to start this new arts and craft hobby. Cini has been baking her signature Cheese Cake all this while .... and it is still my favourite cheese cake in the world. But, we can't be eating cheese cake forever I reckon ..... its time for a new taste.

The cake that we chose to bake was the Blueberry Chocholate Cake. For a starter, we follow the book diligently.... and it took us 2 rounds to get it right. Baking was fun and it wasn't as hard as I thought. From blueberry, we tried Apple Crumble, Chocolate Cake and Butter Cake. One success after another builds the confidence up .... Great !

Now that baking segments is notching up, its time to learn how to decorate cakes..... So off I went for the Wilton Decoration Course 1 - Butter Cream Decoration in Dec 2009. The course gave some insights to Butter Cream decoration techniques and it was indeed an experience. But I was actually interested to learn fondant icing decoration. I made inquiries from my Wilton Instructor if she can arrange a private fondant class for a few students and she did conduct the class in Feb 2010. We had a 3 hour lesson on basic fondant icing decoration and from then on, its all about creativity and colours.

So, here we are today ...... Inspired by Ideas, Powered by Creativity .... baking delicious cakes and cupcakes, flavoured with great ideas and executed by a sweet taste of creativity in our creations ...... Hope you will enjoy this Blog !

Author of The Creative Bakers - Chris

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